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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  January 12, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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this is kpix news at 5:00. >> a celebration in the locker room as the 49ers get ready to face the seahawks. >> it might have not been pretty but the 49ers are a win away from a shot at the super
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bowl. they got a little bit of a pay back today. >> they did because the 49ers lost to carolina at candle stick and today the rematch. the winner goes to the nfc championship and the loser goes home. the panthers were hit with penalties leading to two fieldgoals. panthers on 4th and goal, stopped. brooks leading the charge to keep cam newton out of the end zone. 49ers up 13-10. kaepernick to boldin who had a monster game, 8 catches, 136 yards. that set up kaepernick who did it again. he does the cam newton celebration and the 49ers are up by 10. the defense made life miserable for newton, sacking him for a
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total of 5 times. for the third straight season, the 49ers will go to the nfc championship beating carolina 23-10. >> what adjustments did you make in the second half to be so effective against cam newton? >> the game was a bunch of unscouted looks. they had two weeks to prepare. they usually have a game plan for one week and then a couple of days. they have new things we have not seen on film. once we came in the locker room and understood what they were doing and they went to basic stuff. >> so now it's on to seattle where the 49ers were destroyed earlier this year. >> of course seattle stadium is known for being deafening. >> they had trouble getting
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calls in, playoffs on time, hearing each other. it is an issue so they so to figure that out. >> thank you dennis. good luck! getting tickets in seattle. if your billing address is in california you're out of luck. we found some of the 49er faithful who plan to be there no matter what. >> reporter: they're going to pay it via credit card or savings they have. it was a very good day for 11ers fans. a lot of them packed sports bars fans earlier in the day. it's pretty quiet now. a lot of them have gone home. next stop, seattle. even though the seahawks are banning ticket sales to californians, two told me earlier they're going to find a way to get up to settle to watch the nfc championship
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game. these two cousins say they'll be at the field sunday to cheer on their be loved 49ers. they're asking friends to help buy the tickets. they're trying to recruit friends to join them. >> easily $1000. $400 tickets and plane tickets. >> reporter: for fans who don't have family members or friends in the pacific northwest, the only way to get the tickets is through the secondary market. seattle is restricting ticket sales to those in california. >> i don't think it should be allowed but whatever advantage they can do they will. >> it's what we'd do over here but we'd show grace. >> are stub hub and ebay are selling the tickets from $461
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to $65,000. by the way ttwo cousins will be flying up to seattle on saturday the day before the game. it's not uncommon for teams to restrict ticket sales to the opposing team fans, especially in the playoffs. live in san francisco, dall lin. about a dozen fires have been reported in downtown san jose. firefighters where saying it's no coincidence. they say it's an arsonist striking in the early morning hours. people who live there are rallying together to defend themselves. >> are the terrifying thing about this arsonist is he's striking early morning hours and targets homes and buildings where there are burning materials outside. san jose residents joined in a
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campaign to counter a wanted arsonist. >> we want people to clear out anything flamable from the front yard. >> reporter: it's believed he's struck a dozen times. the latest was early sunday morning, a modular classroom and it was the second of two early morning fires. sat's fire is the most serious. two elle kaehlerdy residents were asleep. a father and son broca window and helped the couple to safety. a security camera on the home offender rick cup per, who lives across the street shows a man walking by the camera. >> knowing that he's picking at random homes and burning them, mine could have easily been the one that burnt down. >> reporter: the video is used
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to complete a sketch and profile, white or hispanic, 160- 180 pounds, slender, 6'2". >> we want to make sure the police get him sooner rather than later. >> the fire department is offering a $10,000 reward in connection with the arrest and conviction. palo alto fire fidgeters will have to wait till tomorrow to determine the reason for a fire that killed two people on friday. it's unstable and full of unsafe gases. they found two bodies inside the house on friday. the identities have not yet been released. the new findings about caffeine that could help your memory. >> now if we can find something to help it rain.
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more record highs in sight and so is the forecast after a break.
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a new study out of johns hos university finds -- it could also boost y bet copper joe could give you more than a morning jolt.
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it could boost your memory. researchers tested the memories of 160 people over 24 hours. they said those that took caffeine tablets performed better on memory test. they warned not to take more than 200 milligrams. the man who says he injected basketball star alex rodriguez with performance enhancing drugs is telling his story tonight on 60 minutes. anthony bosh was the key witness against alex rodriguez. bosh told cbs news scott pelly what he did. >> he gave us all the specifics about a doping program that he claims he designed and administers for alex rodriguez, including such things as testosterne, human growth hormone and other banned
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substances, a tote many of six banned substances in all. >> you can see the interview on 60 minutes to night at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. we get a gauge on the governor's new spending plan and how it's being received at the state capitol. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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budget." no new taxe one bay area politician weighs on the governor year hi brown's budget proposal. no new taxes and stash away for the future. the democratic governor drew up a fiscal christmas eve conservative plan. >> reporter: she stated what go. s should do. >> schools, healthcare and public safety. >> reporter: school funding is set at $61 billion following a
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recent low of $47 billion. sunday more than, state senator jerry hill grades the governor's priorities. >> he's made some appropriate investments in the future with debt pay downs. >> reporter: $11 billion to pay down the deficit and a cushion from the markets highs and lows are top priorities for brown. >> it's a balanced budget but, by no means, not free from liabilities. >> reporter: one that is growing, teacher sapientials. brown is not about to touch that one. he's promising to meet with stake holders to hammer out that plan. one project where brown does hope to spend $250 million for high speed rail using dollars
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raised from cap and trade. it's keeping flack from democrats and republicans. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: next step is come promyself to reach a final deal. so far, many of the rank and files are give the bud judge a nod of support. >> senator hill did say many democrats will push for transitional kindergarten. that is not in brown's budget. lake tahoe's visitor authority could have to shell out lots of money for violating the clean water act. ltva has been accused of polluting the lake with debris.
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the people suing say they don't want it to end but they're sick of the authority's indifference. they have until mid february to respond. back in the bay area, temperatures in the 50s are very spring like for the eastern sea board and these are the numbers they're looking at, mostly in the 50s for day time highs that.'s why all the snow and ice from tuesday is melting. they have flood warnings out on the eastern sea board. all we can say is san francisco 55, santa rosa warming up to near record highs. we see that system that moved out yesterday, heading south, leaves us with mostly sunny skies. we'll be to mid-60s around the bay. now all eyes head north ward for the 49ers taking on the
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seahawks next sunday. they have a shower chance, 30%, and game time kick off, temperature about 50 degrees. for us, high pressure builds in behind the system heading to the midwest. they took a lot of snow in the central and northern rockies from the system. we get high pressure moving back in and that warms us to near record highs t.warming trend again, near record highs, drought continues. we have no rain on the horizon for this week or next week. tomorrow, sfo looks good, winds out of the north at 25, high at the airport to 63. new york 52 for a high is very unusual. it's not going to last long. they'll cool down by wednesday. los angeles, 81 degrees, red
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flag warnings. overnight lows tonight, 33, chilly tonight. liver more down to 37. for tomorrow we'll warm to temperatures as much as 10 degrees above average. this is january, there should be a bite in the air but it's not happening. san mateo 63 degrees. temperatures in the mid-60s tomorrow, 63 walnut creek, 64 san lee andro. we'll look at temperatures mostly in the mid-60s in the far north. sunny side up for the week. next weekend we have a few clouds coming in but no rain. temperatures in the hold upper 60s. one bay area figure skater is on her way to the winter
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games. paulina edmonds of archbishop high school finished second at last night's figure skating championships. she's one of 3 from the us that made the cut. her accomplishment over shadowed by the 49ers. >> she's the best jumper the us has. she gives us a reason to watch the olympics. not that you have to spend all of your time watch the olympics. the 41ers are headed to their third consecutive nfc title game. we'll take you inside the locker room, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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teams st a lot of people hoping for the miner seattle match-up. >> you have brady vs. manning, wilson vs. kaepernick. four best teams. for the third year in a row, the 49ers are among the final four teams alive. it got emotional in airline ya. carolina penalties led to two fieldgoals for the 49ers. brooks leading the charge that kept cam newton out of the end zone. 41 oars up 13-10. kaepernick goes down field to boldin who had a huge game. he had 8 resechtions for 136 yards. that set up collin kaepernick
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two did it with his legs. watch him do the cam newton celebration followed by the kaepernick. they sacked cam newton a total of 5 times and a second half shutout. the third straight season the 49ers head on to the nfc championship. >> tournament or a playground basketball game, you want the rest of your team to have as many competitors on the court or field as you k.i feel like we've got the most. i feel like we've got the most competitors. >> at catch, frank gore worked on it. he threw me the ball. he threw me probably 20 to 30 passes with that same exact catch in practice this week. you can ask him. he said come on man, this is the big time catch you need. i said okay, throw the ball
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right. >> what adjustments did you make in the second half to be so effective against cam newton who was no joking at first? >> the game was a bunch of unscouted looks. they had two weeks to prepare. they threw it in, practiced a couple of days and the other team. they have new things we have not seen on film. once we came in the locker room and understood what they were dog and they went to basic stuff. >> long story short, we know them and they know us. we have to go there and we know the history. this is the super bowl, man, everything is on the line. that just says it all, man, we're ready. >> 3:30 kick off next week. afc, dream match-up, peyton manning vs.
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tom brady. could denver get past san diego today. peyton comes out flinging. >> tom: mass on the receiving end. manning rolling out a short one. this is walker, making it 14-0. they make a critical mistake. tipped and intercepted by butler. they have to settle for a 14-0 half time lead. 4th quarter tchargeers within 10 but then no sean mareno scores and that sealed the deal for the broncos. denver hangs on. it's the broncos and the patriots next week in the afc championship. cardinal on the road at 17 ranked oregon. stanford up 4 points. randall to the rack.
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stanford has a 6 point lead. the ducks played the foul game and one last chance with seconds left off the missed free throw. dominic down the lane. stanford knocks off the ducks 82-80. women's side, 19 ranked cal knocked off utah. stanford past colorado. 14 left on the road to super bowl, i'm sorry, 4 left. >> they struggled against defensive teams and lost to carolina. they scored 11 more points today than in the last match- up. my wife called and said you did a great job on the national news. >> yes you did. >> she said tell you that you did great.
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>> tell her the check is in the mail. >> last week you were in green bay, froze and next week in seattle where it's deafening. >> i'd rather be in seattle. >> all right. >> you'll be much better. >> that's going to do it for this edition of kpix 5 news. >> your news and weather is always on ,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> many my judgment, his actions were beyond comprehension. and i'm somebody who has now been i over 50 years. >> pelley: never seen anything like it? >> i haven't. no. [booing] the commissioner of baseball is talking about alex rodriguez, the yankee all-star who has been suspended for all of next season. at the center of baseball's unprecedented investigation is the key witness, tony bosch, who ran a secret doping clinic and speaks tonight for the first time. >> alex was scared of


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